About Indiana Limestone Fabricators

Established in 1995 by Brad & Michele Mobley with a primary focus on providing small to medium size cut stone projects. Through experience working for large companies I recognized the specialized needs of the contractors and owner of this specific market that the large companies were forced to neglect as a result of the demands put forth on the larger projects. We are often involved in assisting in the design stages with architects that have limited experience working with stone, as well as the architects that have extensive experience that are trying to achieve a certain look within their budget. Our market niche requires constant communication with the customer to insure their project meets and exceeds their expectations.

The Mobley family has deep roots in the stone industry. My Father and Uncle were mill supervisors at Matthews Stone Company and my Grandfather was a stone cutter. With their technical assis¬tance in fabrication combined with my wife’s administrative experience, along with my experience in drafting and esti¬mating, we have assembled an effective business concept. Above all, Indiana Limestone Fabricators, Inc. is about teamwork. This happens with the customer and on the shop floor.

Family Background in Stone:
Father-Kenny Mobley
Uncle-Vernal Mobley
Grandfather-Ray Thrasher

Recent Innovations: ILFI recently decided to invest in new, more effective technology. We have installed a new CNC Gantry Machine from Sawing Systems, Inc., which is a profiling machine with contouring and sawing capability. Capable of running 24/7 unattended, the machine stands alone in a separate, new facility. Programming for the machine is done in the office on CAD, and the machine is driven by Camsoft Pro' with 3D. The Model 521-CXX is actually a 5-axis machine, being used as a 3-axis work¬horse. Driven by a 40HP variable speed main motor, the spindle arrangement on this carries a BT50 size tool holder that allows heavy router tools and up to 48" diameter blades. The machine can cut to size 18" thick or profile arches. There is 15' of X travel, 20' of Y travel, and 32" of Z (vertical) move, all programmable to operate simultaneous via servos. Rotation and Tilting axes on the spindle head are also performed by servos. X and Y .are precision racks and pinions; Z is by twin ball screws and ball nuts. GE Fanuc electronics are housed in the control console, and the display is a color touch screen. The PC based computer has a 20Gb hard drive, Windows os, and Pentium III processor. This machine has enhanced our fabrication, allowing the complicated and labor intensive cut stone work to become more affordable.

*Excerpts from: Stone Industry News, April 2003
Publisher: Francis Heck