Established in 1995 by Brad & Michele Mobley, ILF had a primary focus on supplying small to medium size cut limestone projects. Through experience working for large companies Brad recognized the specialized needs of the contractors and owner of this specific market that the large companies were forced to neglect as a result of the demands put forth on the larger projects. ILF is often involved in assisting in the design stages with architects who have limited experience working with stone, as well as the architects who have extensive experience but are trying to achieve a certain look within their budget. Our niche market requires constant communication with the customer to ensure their project meets and exceeds expectations.

After 25 years of growth and dedicated service to the industry, The Mobley’s sold the business to Donovan and Kristina Garletts in June of 2020.  The relationship between the Mobley’s and the Garletts’ is long-standing and strong. Although ownership changed behind the scenes, nothing else has.

Not only do we promise to deliver the same exceptional
quality and craftsmanship of Natural Indiana Limestone our
customers have come to know and love, but we pledge to build upon our existing relationships and continue the same long-standing personal touch. Both Donovan and Kristina are excited about the future while determined to honor the legacy and good name built over time by Brad and Michele Mobley.

What sets us apart?


ILF was one of the first in the
industry to heavily invest in technology. Between our industry-leading
production methods and our technology-infused process, ILF has
become a leader in the stone fabrication business. Behind every piece
of finished stone, however, are the hands of incredibly skilled
tradesmen. Our sawyers, planers, CNC operators, cutters, and project
managers are simply second to none.

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