Indiana Limestone Hardscapes

Backyard Ideas

If you’re looking for a natural stone to use in your hardscape design, Indiana limestone is a great option. This durable stone can be used

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Natural Limestone Carved Fireplace

Artists in Stone

There’s something about the look of carved limestone that instantly says “class.” It’s a traditional material that’s been used for centuries in everything from castles

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military branch seals

Philanthropy in Stone

Philanthropy is prevalent in almost every sector of business. Due to the durability, quality, and timeless nature of Indiana Limestone, it is often looked at

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Old Sanders Quarry

Why Indiana Limestone?

Why? Well, where do we start? Indiana Limestone is perhaps one of the Nation’s most treasured natural building materials. From coast to coast, Indiana Limestone

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why natural indiana limestone

Timeless Beauty

It is unlikely you travel any amount of distance without seeing a Natural Indiana Limestone building. Whether the neighbor’s mailbox or the towering facade of

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