The Importance of Choosing the Right Color and Grade for Indiana Limestone

When specifying Indiana Limestone, it is necessary to identify both the color and grade required as well as the surface finish to be applied to the stone. The Indiana Limestone Institute (ILIA) classifies Indiana Limestone into two colors and four grades based on granular texture and other natural characteristics.

The colors available are buff and gray, with buff varying from a light creamy shade to a brownish buff, and gray varying from a light silvery gray to shades of bluish gray. The grades available are Select, Standard, Rustic, and Variegated. The Select grade is fine to average-grained stone having a controlled minimum of characteristics. Standard grade is fine to moderately large-grained stone permitting an average amount of characteristics. Rustic grade is fine to very coarse-grained stone permitting an above-average amount of characteristics. Variegated is an unselected mixture of grades 1 through 3 permitting both the buff and gray colors.

It is important to choose the right color and grade as it affects the overall aesthetic of the project and ensures the longevity of the stone.