National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

The Role of Indiana Limestone in Preserving Heritage and Historical Buildings

Indiana Limestone has a long history of being used in
architecture, particularly in preserving heritage and historical buildings.
Many colleges and universities across the country boast Indiana Limestone
buildings that are 50-100 years old and older. They continue to use this
venerable material from Indiana in their new construction, allowing them to
match existing buildings and to maintain the context of their campuses.

Other buildings throughout the nation have a long history of
using Indiana Limestone as well. From private residences, such as the Biltmore
Estate (1895) to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. (1907). These and
many other buildings serve as a reminder that Indiana Limestone projects have
endured from past to present and will continue to serve future generations as

Using Indiana Limestone in preserving heritage and historical
buildings not only adds to the aesthetic of the building but also ensures its
longevity and durability. The natural beauty and consistency of Indiana
Limestone make it the ideal choice for preserving and restoring historical